Data Science

If your business does not have an in-house data science team, Sufrago is your data science team. Our experienced data scientists have worked in the data science industry for leading big data companies. We will help you bring every drop of value from your data and your business processes.


In Sufrago we will add our expertise in technology and latest trends to take your projects to the next level. We have wide knowledge about enterprise scale solutions and we have experience in communication with different departments to get the job done. Using modern techniques, we are able to save your time and money. API, mobile and Cloud systems are what we are interested in. Our Serverless solutions will cut your cost drastically.


Sufrago works for the best. Acquires the best candidates for employees. He leads the most effective recruitments. It provides its clients with the best support at every stage of recruitment. Sufrago knows what he is doing. He knows what he is talking about with candidates for work. He knows what questions to ask and what the answers mean. Running recruitment, he cooperates with the best industry specialists on the market.

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If you have idea or you need help with ongoing project, here in Sufrago we are happy to talk it over.